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I am honored to witness and sit with all survivors, fighters, and comfort seekers. There is a time when "white knuckling" just doesn't work anymore and trauma begins to manifest in areas of your life. We will work together to help navigate the stresses of these events and use evidenced based treatments in order to expand the work you have already done. 

Eating Disorders

During our time, we will begin to fully understand the part of you that restricts, binges, purges, and uses a relationship with food to rule life circumstances. We will begin to embrace this part, not as something bad, but as a part that has over-functioned and is exhausted. We will begin to build a relationship with this part and many that have been forgotten.

Family Support for Eating Disorders

Families, I am here for you. The time your family member is in treatment can feel overwhelming and confusing. I am here to help answer questions, listen to your hurts, and hear your voice. You have a voice in your family member’s treatment, and we will work together to help support them. This family support is a supplement to the outpatient treatment in order to provide the best holistic care.

Faith Integration

It is a joy to incorporate faith into my clinical work as I have grown in my own spiritual experience and journey. If you are seeking and wanting to integrate faith into our time together, I am happy to have this as a centering piece.


Internal Family Systems

IFS in its pure form is based in experience of not only you as a seeker but also as the provider. IFS has a the beautiful effect of reducing the hierarchy of therapy and introducing humanity. This is introduction into your pains, hurts, truths, and knowledge of all that makes you, you. A becoming of who you were meant to be and being compassionate to all that has protected, managed, and fought for you thus far. IFS is my main form of treatment and I can't wait to be a part of the introduction to knowing and loving yourself as you are. 

Mind + Body

My desire to guide you to the story your body holds, is met with an understanding of just how hard mind + body connection can be. Together we will explore these connections by meditations, breath exercises, and internal exploring with Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing. 


EMDR has been the foundation of my trauma work since the beginning of my journey as a compassion advocate. We will often use EMDR interchangeably with other trauma treatment styles as a way to help you process and connect with upsetting events and feeling "stuck." I am a certified EMDR clinician and CIT (Consultant In Training). I can provide up to 15 hours of EMDR consultations to those who are seeking certification. 

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